Our Services

We provide three distinct services

most of them at no charge to you.

Online simulators are provided free of charge for your use to experiment with System Dynamics approaches to specific problems. With these simulators, we hope to demonstrate the benefits of a System Dynamics approach to policy-making.

We will work with you on individual studies to support your policy development process. These studies generally involve an investigation of relevant literature, collection of time-series data on the important aspects of your issue, the building of a computer simulation, and calibrating and validating the simulation using the time-series data. This work is intended to determine how you reached the current situation. Then with confidence that our simulation represents the reality of the issue, we work with you to envision what the future might hold by developing best, worst and expected cases. Then, together we use the model to examine possible alternative futures in which successes are enhanced and problems are avoided.

We believe, that with the right approach, System Dynamics simulation can be learned by anyone. We believe that classroom learning and/or self-learning can only take you so far. Hands-on building of many simulations on many different subjects is essential. The guidance of an experienced mentor to instill the best practices of System Dynamics is also necessary. In association with the System Dynamics Society, we provide one-on-one mentoring free of charge to members. Although the approach is completely self-paced, we are available for weekly Zoom meetings of 60 to 90 minutes for as long as desired.